Entry #1

New music!

2012-11-11 02:04:53 by JonOfTheShred

Haven't been on Newgrounds in a long time, but I have returned to make an update on my new project. Think:


That's right, an online rock opera / concept album about zombies. Prepare to get your face melted. This is an audio and visual journey, depicting the end of the world from varying perspectives, but completely narrated with instrumental music (all recorded, performed and mastered by me) and digital art. (Made by me with GIMP and Paint.Net)


ENJOY! And be sure to scoop up your melted face from your desktop ;)


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2012-11-22 02:18:15

dont cry over spilt milk...or i will kill you

JonOfTheShred responds:

If you try to kill me, I will use a pair of tweezers to slowly peel the skin off of your face, starting with your eyelids and working outward in a counter-clockwise direction. Eventually. after dousing the muscles of your now skinless face in battery acid, I'll dip your head in a big bucket of salt, eventually washing the salt off by urinating all over what is the botched results of my hack-job, amateur, alleyway abortion of the skinoff your face.


2013-01-09 12:52:42

do you hear that?....sonds like faggot

JonOfTheShred responds:

Don't talk ill of yourself, Iron Maiden lunchbox. Just because you're a faggot doesn't mean you sound like one. Well, you DO sound like a faggot, but there's no need to point this out to people