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Clever ending

I like how you hint at Salad Fingers schizophrenic insanity; he completely forgets about having a 'child' and bringing the child to its aunt, but instead his brain comes up with a new situation...he's there to wash windows. With a lung he coughed up. And thought was a baby.

So after he's done cleaning, you see him eating a hoagie, the window smeared in black. But clearly that hoagie is the lung, his mind has just once again reset the object. (His lung > his baby > a sponge > a delicious hoagie) Pretty fucked up that he's eating his own lung

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nekohunter = axeman13

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I've always jokingly said...

...that cereal mascots make for horrible role-models. Like...

Tony the Tiger was always either rolling face or ski'd out of his mind...

Lucky the Leprechaun never shared with the kids, and practiced witch craft....

The kids never shared with the Trix Rabbit....

Toucan Sam always suggesting kids snorted stuff...follow your nose, all right. Follow it all the way up the mirror...

The Flinstones in their mascot phase not only had Freds anger issues, but Barney was constantly stealing from his best friend...

Sonny the Coocoo bird was on heavy amounts of CRACK.

And I'm sure there's more.

I'll eat his parents made me LOL. This is the first time I laughed at something Bo Burnham did. It might be because I had no idea it was him: it was animated, so I didn't have to see his douchey face.

Anyway, well done sir

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I can't think of ANYTHING bad about this game, other than the fact I feel compelled to play it for hours and hours after starting a new campaign EVERY TIME. I love the updated format, and it's definitely a much more 'full' experience than any of its predecessors. Having said that, I think I might still prefer "World Dominator," if only for the nostalgia factor.

Either way, 10/10, arguably the most addictive game I've played this year, and certainly the best with retro graphics. MILES and MILES better than the TellTale Walking Dead game.

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Loved this game. Very fun and, as stated below, addicting. Loved the old school vibe of the music, the graphics, the gameplay...just a good all around game. Its like Sim City for the new ages.

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Where do you find Dr Rockso sound clips?

I wanna import as many sounds as I can into Left 4 Dead so the infected sound like Dr Rockso.

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8 Bit leads

The 8-bit leads are maniacal


I like it. Well written orchestra music with catchy hooks and progressions. This track would go especially good with a pirate ship level.

The orchestral instruments you chose and pace of the track kinda gave me a Super Smash Bros Melee vibe, particular the Kirby stage, but I also hear a bit of the mysticism of the Donkey Kong Country 2 score too. Which are both good things, especially the DKC2 vibe.

Ihsman07 responds:

Nice comment. It's great to receive a positive comment like this. Thanks a lot!

This is hilarious

The addition of Twinkle puts it over the edge. Hilarious XD

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